Niantic Tests Multi-Thousand Person Raids at Butler Field, Chicago

When CMO Mike Quigley took the GO Fest stage after the group photo and asked the crowd if we’d like to test something for them, no one could predict what he had in mind. Niantic threw a surprise raid test in Chicago, dubbed “multi-thousand person raid test” and featuring 12 new Gyms that popped up in […]


Niantic Extends GO Fest 2019 for Saturday Ticket Holders

Following a thunderstorm that took place in Chicago and acting on the City of Chicago’s Safety officials, Niantic evacuated Chicago GO Fest 2019 attendees yesterday, making participants lose two hours of gameplay. Local authorities have been in communication with Niantic and the event resumed shortly after the storm has passed, but Niantic went one step […]

Niantic is suing the developers of PokeGo++, Ingress++ and Potter++

Niantic has filed a lawsuit against Global++, a group of developers that creates hacked / tweaked versions of popular AR games like Pokemon GO and Ingress. Hacked apps like “PokeGo++” and “Ingress++” give users an unfair advantage, while simultaneously infringing on Niantic’s intellectual property rights, Niantic says in the lawsuit. [Update (4:43 PM UTC)] Global++ […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring Multiplayer raids, Dynamaxing and an open world area

Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct has just ended, revealing a metric ton of gameplay from the first Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch. With stunning 3D graphics, new mechanics and a large amount of new Pokemon, we’re completely amped about Sword and Shield! Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15 2019 and […]

Raid Days: An In Depth Guide

What are Raid Days? Raid days are not actually a full ‘day,’ but like Community Day, a three-hour mini-event in the middle of the day on a Saturday or Sunday. During this event, every gym that does not have a pending EX Raid, or already has an active raid, will spawn a special event raid […]

LGBT Pride month | Pokemon GO Hub

Pokemon GO Hub Pride Logo The month of June is celebrated as the LGBT Pride Month among the members of the LGBT  community, in order to commemorate the Stonewall Riots event of 1969. Stonewall Riots (or Stonewall Rebellion) was a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn (Greenwich Village, […]