Pokemon GO Tips: Observed

  • Pokemon now viewable out to 200m
  • Most moves have had their power decreased by 20-50%
  • Gym details screen now viewable as long as the gym is on your map
  • New team select popup at gym screen
  • Tap a wild Pokemon to highlight it and make its distance viewable from the map screen and find it faster
  • Egg inventory now limited to 9
  • Eggs now require incubator to hatch
  • Eggs have been seen to require up to 10km walked within incubator
  • Incubators hold a single egg, break after 5 uses, and are purchasable in the store
  • Testers get a free infinite incubator
  • Testers given a camera that functions as an in-game screen-shot producer
  • Incense attracts Pokemon to the player
  • Lucky Eggs enabled, purchasable XP boosts in the store. Luckies last 30 minutes and double XP
  • It appears move pools have been updated, Fire Fang seen on an Arcanine
  • Pokedex screen re-skinned to display more at once

In Code

  • Code added that indicates there will be modifiers/items that players can equip to a gym
  • Different incense exist in the game code to attract different types of Pokemon
  • Code added that indicates players will be awarded Pokecoins based on active number of gym defenders
  • Code added hinting at age restriction and a re-write of the authentication system
  • New code reffering to a “dowser”. Looking at its location, seems related to the Pokemon Go Plus and its help in finding wild mons

Pokemon GO Tips (Little)

  • Leaving a low rattata uncaptured on the map can act as a usful triangulation point if your trying to find that rare Chansey near you quickly. You can watch its distance vary to the known rattata position.
  • Not knowing which direction to walk is made a lot easier (and more fun), when playing with a group.
  • When testing, it’s probably best to burn your coins on XP boosts while you’re still capturing lots of unique Pokemon. You’ll get the most bang for your buck that way.
  • Use the image below to get a feel for how far away Pokemon are on the map.
Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.20.49 PM

Pokemon GO Tips

The table below shows stats on all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Rarity is calculated as how many times that Pokemon has been seen across 24,000+ wild Pokemon sightings. How many known fast and charge moves are listed below. The type of the fast moves is also shown. The “Combis” column is how many possible combinations of that Pokemon could exists given the moves that have been observed.

Poke Assistant has seen proof for 727 different Pokemon move sets, but the table below suggests at least 968 are possible based on the observed moves. E.g. if Charmander has been seen with a Ember-Flameburst set and a Scratch-Flamethrower set, then it’s probable that a Charmander with Ember-Flamethrower exists.

The sightings span across multiple cities, urban & suburban envirnoments, parks, and a diverse geography including rivers, lakes and oceanside areas. Poke Assistant beleives this to be a fair representaiton of Pokemon rarity for the majority of testers as of patch 0.23.1