Pokémon Go (play responsibly)

loading screen - pokemon go

POKÉMON Go is the latest craze in gaming, and for youngsters in Gravesend it’s been no different.

Gravesham Borough Council has seen an increase in the amount of people enjoying the game in Fort Gardens, and other areas, over the last few weeks. But with the increase of more people enjoying the new app comes a more serious message too, some from Pokémon themselves.

  • Gastly, Grimer or Muk say “Be aware of your surroundings”
  • Pikachu says “Don’t drop litter. Put your litter in a bin or take it home”
  • Geodude says “Keep your belongings safe”
  • Alakazam says “Be a responsible gamer and everyone will be happy”
  • And we say “have fun but stay safe”

Director of Communities, Melanie Norris, added: “We don’t want to discourage people from visiting our lovely parks and engaging with their community through apps and gaming but we do want to reinforce the message that we want people to stay safe and keep their environment clean and tidy.

“We have noticed an increase in the amount of people using our parks, particularly in the evenings over the last few weeks, so the messages we’re trying to get out are important in making sure there is no litter and other park users, who are not playing the game, can enjoy it too.”

And it’s not only environmental and safety messages that the council is putting out. There are benefits of the new game for businesses too. Businesses can lure players to their premises and for a limited time players can attract rare Pokémon to that stop and every player within the vicinity will be notified on their in-game map.

Or if some of Gravesham’s businesses are nowhere near a Pokestop then they can host a Pokehunt. Melanie added: This is what we’ve seen at Fort Gardens. Pokehunts are basically excuses for players to get together in big social groups and go hunting for Pokémon together.”

The final benefit for businesses is if a player catches Pokémon in Gravesend then shares it with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram then we can share them too.