These are the worst places to play Pokémon Go

Please stop yourself from visiting these spots in Pokémon Go Stay Connected. Follow Polygon Now! × Pokémon Go encourages players to get off their seats and venture out into the real world, where they’ll find Pokémon in actual locations. Heading off to work? Don’t forget to check your phone to see if a Zubat is on […]

Top 10 craziest and best Pokemon Go stories so far

The Pokemon Go has just been launched in few countries but it already created enough craze worth sharing. Below are the top crazy and best things happened because of Pokemon Go game so far. Top 10 Crazy Pokemon Go things and stories Squirtle appears and Pokemon Go players go mad What happens when one of […]

Pokemon Go Philippines Memes and Puns

Pokemon Go Pinoy Memes everywhere. Every trending game is showing up in the internet there will be a memes about it to show up for sure. While Pinoys are waiting for the game to be available in their Country. Some Facebook users created puns about the game. Some created memes, others were puns. And guess […]