News Roundup January 8th: New Clothing Options and Rare Candy Rewards!

New Clothing Options Niantic has released another set of clothing options that require a medal to be completed before they become unlockable for purchase. These clothing options, at least, are some of the cooler outfits! (Yes I am mostly staring at the Kalos Veteran set…) Here are the images released with Niantic’s tweet announcing these […]


Pokémon GO 2018: A Retrospective

Trainers, now that 2019 is underway, we at Go Hub would like to take a minute to appreciate the year that was 2018 in Pokémon Go. One of our talented artists, OrangeHeart, has put together this amazing info-graphic detailing all the wonderful events that took place in Pokémon Go during the last year. This is […]

Niantic closes another round of funding, raising $190M from 26 investors

A new SEC document reveals that Niantic has successfully closed another large round of funding, raising a total of $190,552,365 USD (190 millions) from 26 different investors (part 14 of the document). The SEC document reveals that the following Niantic related persons were a part of this funding round: John Hanke, Niantic CEO Kenji Okubo, President of […]

Top Master League Pokémon

With the recent addition of PVP Trainer battles and the changes to how Type effectiveness works in Pokémon GO battles, I thought it was time to see which are the best counters by type that you can have for each Pokémon League. In order to do this and not break the brain-bank, I will be […]

Raid Boss List January 2019

Trainers, the following Pokemon GO raid bosses are now available in Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We are including links to applicable GO Hub raid guides (not all bosses have dedicated raid guides, especially the ones in lower tiers). This list of raid bosses is valid from January 2nd. What to raid? Heatran, […]

Field Research Encounters That Could Help You With Your Meltan Special Research

Since the “Let’s Go” event ended in November, it has been very difficult for some Trainers to find the Pokémon that are required to complete certain stages of the “Let’s Go Meltan” Special Research Quest and progress onto the next ones, particularly if they didn’t manage to find and stack Field Research encounters such as […]

Pokemon GO Safari Zone Porto Alegre 2019

Trainers, Niantic has just announced the world’s first Safari Zone that takes place in South America! Following a series of successful Safari Zone events in 2017, and an overwhelmingly successful Safari Zone in Dortmund 2018, players from South America finally get their own chance to participate in a massive outdoor Safari Zone event! Safari Zone […]