New Chrales Leak: Introducing… Dark Matter Ditto

It’s that time again trainers! Chrales, network traffic analyst and data miner extraordinaire, has once again dropped a bomb upon the Pokéverse. He has discovered a (new?) entry into the pokédex. Occupying #352 (which should be Kecleon) is a new… somewhat odd looking creature resembling the body of a ditto with a nut for a […]

Everyone Has a Story to Tell – Trainer Tales

Stories. It has been human nature for people to be interested in stories, whether listening or telling them. It is in stories where we find distraction, whether joy, heartbreak, or awe. It is where we preserve our history, sharpen our creative and critical capabilities, and even shape our own personality. Everyone has a story to […]

Deoxys is officially coming to Pokemon GO’s EX Raid system

Following a series of leaks, Niantic has officially announced that Deoxys (Normal Form) will be the next EX Raid boss in Pokemon GO! GO Hub is already prepared for this extraterrestrial release and our Deoxys Raid Counters Guide is already live and under active development. Here’s what you need to know: Deoxys (Normal Forme) is the next […]

Deoxys Raid Counters Guide

Deoxys raid boss is coming to Pokemon GO via the EX Raid system. Recently, Deoxys EX Raid was leaked in a slow rolling mobile push notification to be the next EX raid boss, as Mewtwo is dropping into normal raid battles on September 20th, 2018 until October 23rd. This guide lists best Deoxys counters, Deoxys form […]

Kecleon and Spinda changed in the new Pokemon GO Game Master update

Trainers, attention! Kecleon’s‘ and Spinda’s hit boxes were updated in today’s Game Master update. The update time stamp says the following date: Saturday, October 13, 2018 6:22:22.173 PM GMT, which is super weird as it’s set 24 days in the future. Is this of any significance? Likely not, but Kecleon debuted in The Last Battle XIII […]