Pokémon Duel’s Christmas icon features Delibird, Pikachu and Sceptile

Trainers, Serebii.net, the biggest online resource for the main series Pokemon games, has just tweeted out the following image: Serebii Picture: Pokémon Duel’s Christmas Icon https://t.co/gDbXkHSvkT pic.twitter.com/eJOI9YncSK — Serebii.net (@SerebiiNet) December 13, 2017 Although not directly related to Pokémon GO, Christmas is often the period of the year when Pokémon marketing efforts converge in the […]

Waterfall Gyarados and its new place in the meta

Written by: acheron9381 Niantic has finally done it. They’ve knocked King Vaporeon down from his pedestal, and created a new “Best Water Type Attacker”. This attacker comes in the form of the new Waterfall / Hydro Pump Gyarados. Some of us may have already ‘fixed’ our Gyarados, but for those trainers who have decided to […]

Niantic is developing web apps for worldwide POI submissions

Trainers, it seems that PokéStop submissions could be coming back sooner rather than later! Niantic’s official careers page was updated with a new job opening: Full Stack Web Engineer. The interesting part is in the job description, as it states that the candidate will have the opportunity to work on “intuitive and beautiful web applications […]

Machamp raid soled with only two Ho-Ohs under Windy weather

If you had any suspicions on how powerful the effects of Pokemon GO’s new weather system can be, this post will clear your suspicions with ease. Today, Reversal, the Pokemon GO Youtuber renowned for his dedication and “love for the grind”, has managed to solo a Machamp Raid Boss using only two perfect IV Ho-Ohs equipped […]

Generation III Egg chart: research and results so far

Trainers, here is our initial release of the Generation III Egg Chart. based upon the knowledge collected so far. Huge shout out to everyone who sent their catches to us, or our Spanish partners at Pokémon GO Hub ES, via Twitter and e-mail ([email protected]). Before we share the list, please be aware that this is a […]

A new wave of EX Raid invites goes live: December 18, 2017

Trainers, a new wave of EX Raid invites has been distributed, targeting December 18th (and 19th) for an upcoming EX Raid! Could this be a Groudon raid? We’ll see on December 18th! Our research suggests that the target audience for this EX Raid are mostly experienced raiders and that targeted gyms follow the previously mentioned […]

Normal and Shiny sprites for released Gen 3 Pokemon (Groudon included) discovered on Niantic’s servers

Trainers, we know it’s been a wild ride today, but be prepared for another heart stopping news item. ZeChrales, a regular data miner and reverse engineer from PoGODev discord, has managed to download Generation III Normal and Shiny sprites from Niantic’s servers. The sprites are only available for the released Gen III Pokemon, not all […]