Niantic confirms that EX Raid testing is not yet finished

Niantic support answered a very important question today, officially stating that EX Raid tests are still ongoing. A Trainer named Richard opened a support ticket for a wasted Raid pass, which he previously lost due to a network error. In the following conversation, Richard inquired about the status of EX Raids and if there are […]

“Ho-Oh in December” rumor debunked by Niantic officials

The recent Ho-Oh rumor was debunked by an official Niantic Support representative on reddit. We’ve already warned our readers in advance that this rumor could be false, but it’s now official. For those who did not read the original article, a redditor posted a screenshot of an e-mail allegedly sent out by the Japanese Pokémon […]

John Hanke interview: Gen III coming soon, a new battle mode planned for 2018, new social features in development

In an interview with the Taiwanese Business Weekly, John Hanke (Niantic, CEO) shared more info about the upcoming features and long term future of the game. The full article can be found here and we’ve extracted the important bits below. In short, Niantic is relying on new Pokémon generations as yearly content releases, while new gameplay systems […]

Niantic announces the official Pokémon GO AR Photo Contest

Trainers, in an effort to promote Pokémon GO and the Augmented Reality aspects that the game enables, Niantic has announced the first official Pokémon GO AR Contest! Rewards include a Pokémon GO Plus, a poster autographed by the Pokémon GO team, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds! The contest lasts until October 25 2017 and takes place […]