PokéStop submissions go live in India!

PokéStop submissions are now live in India! As reported by AakashKhatter on reddit, Indian level 40 players can now submit new Stops across the whole subcontinent. India is one of the largest and geographically diverse regions of the world, but it’s also an area where Pokémon GO players had major problems with lack of PokéStops and Gyms.

Even after the JIO deal went through, in vast areas of rural India players have reported difficulties with raiding, making friends and completing their daily Pokemon GO tasks. We hope that the new PokéStop submission system will help remedy the issues.

Currently, PokéStop submissions are available in: South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru and the rest of South America. India is one of the largest territories ever to be included in the Submissions system.

PokéStop Submission tips and tricks


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