Shiftry Raid Boss Guide

Shiftry is a Tier 4 Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, makings its way to raid battles for the first time with the start of the 2019 Hoenn Celebration. Best Shiftry raid counters are strong Bug types like Scizor and Pinsir and strong Fire types like Moltres.

Shiftry’s Raid Boss CP is 21713, with its catch CP being in between the following Ranges:

  • 1263 – 1333 CP (Lvl 20, No Weather Boost)
  • 1579 – 1666 CP (Lvl 25, Sunny/Fog Weather Boost)

Shiftry,despite being a Tier 4, can be soloed in a myriad of ways. Scizor and Pinsir can do it at level 40 in any weather, some Fire types can manage in Sunny and even still some Fighting types can manage in Cloudy. However if unable to do so, we recommend 2-4 high level Trainers, or 5-20 lower level Trainers. Shiftry is a Grass/Dark type Pokémon with the following stats:

  • Max CP: 2333
  • Attack: 200
  • Defense: 121
  • Stamina: 207

To check out Simulator’s list of counters, check here. As well, for a full IV chart, you can check here.

Shiftry Raid Counters

Shiftry Raid Counters
WEAKNESS 2x Bug, Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ice PoisonBOOSTED BY Sunny Fog
Supreme Shiftry Raid Counters
ScizorScizorFury Cutter BugX-Scissor Bug
When it comes to having a double weakness to Bug types, Scizor is there to get the job done with ease. Being very resistant to Shiftry’s Grass type moves and having all around great stats for battle, it’s no wonder why it’s at the top.
PinsirPinsirBug Bite BugX Scissor Bug
Pinsir might not seem like much, but it is a very serviceable bug type, being in some cases even better than Scizor! It is more fragile than Scizor, especially since Scizor boasts the incredible Grass resistance that is has, but it more than makes up in damage output.
Excellent Shiftry Raid Counters
MoltresMoltresFire Spin FireSky Attack Flying
Moltres is one of the few non-bug types to make it high on the list, as the combination of high attack and Fire Spin/Sky Attack make it a devastating threat to Shiftry. If Sky Attack is unavailable, feel free to switch to Overheat Fire, but keep in mind this is a sizeable downgrade.
ScytherScytherFury Cutter BugBug Buzz Bug
X-Scissor Bug

Yes, you are reading this right, Scyther itself can manage to be one of the top counters against Shiftry. Its 218 attack is still incredible, and whether with its legacy move Bug Buzz, or regular X-Scissor, it can pack a whollop.
HeracrossHeracrossStruggle Bug BugMegahorn Bug
For those that have access to this regional, it too can be a be useful in this raid. It is nerfed a bit by its lack of access to good Bug moves, but it can make a good secondary pick.
NinjaskNinjaskFury Cutter BugBug Buzz Bug
It is really a testament to how weak Shiftry is, and how much type effectiveness matters, to where one of the top counters is a Ninjask of all things. It will faint a fair amount, but it will pack a bunch.
Runner Up Shiftry Raid Counters
Time to win rises considerably from here, and these Pokémon are best kept to B-teams, when weather is beneficial, or used when a large group is active.
HeatranHeatranBug Bite BugFire Blast Fire
MachampMachampCounter FightingDynamic Punch Fighting
RoseradeRoseradePoison Jab PoisonSludge Bomb Poison
VenomothVenomothBug Bite BugBug Buzz Bug
BlazikenBlazikenCounter FightingOverheat Fire
BeautiflyBeautiflyInfestation BugBug Buzz Bug
EnteiEnteiFire Spin FireOverheat Fire
BreloomBreloomCounter FightingDynamic Punch Fighting
FlareonFlareonFire Spin FireOverheat Fire

Italics Indicates Legacy or Exclusive Moves

It seems pretty clear that our Bug type-oriented Trainers are more likely to take down Shiftry with ease, but even if you don’t have your team of Scizors and Shiny Pinsirs, another hands down option is Moltres, with remarkable speed and bringing in a fiery performance, it outdoes even some of the better Bug type counters.

If you are planning to solo Shiftry, then stick to Scizor, Pinsir, and Sky Attack Moltres. If you are taking it down in a group of trainers, you can rely on most counters seen above including Overheat Moltres.

Shiftry Counters Simulations

The following shows the raw numbers when it comes to the top 25 Shiftry Counters calculated by our Simulator (including unreleased Pokémon).

RankPokémonFast MoveCharged MoveTime to WinDeaths
1YanmegaBug BiteBug Buzz34.8s0
2ScizorFury CutterX Scissor36.2s0
3PinsirBug BiteX Scissor35.3s1
4MoltresFire SpinSky Attack43.1s0
5HeracrossStruggle BugMegahorn40.3s1
6HeatranBug BiteFire Blast47.2s0
7MachampCounterDynamic Punch47.7s2
8BlazikenFire SpinFocus Blast50.6s2
9FlareonFire SpinFlamethrower49.0s1
10NinjaskFury CutterBug Buzz41.6s1
11ButterfreeBug BiteBug Buzz48.0s1
12EnteiFire SpinOverheat48.2s1
13BreloomCounterDynamic Punch45.9s2
14RayquazaAir SlashAerial Ace49.0s1
15RegigigasRock SmashAvalanche49.3s2
16WeavileIce ShardAvalanche51.1s2
17CharizardEmberBlast Burn51.6s1
18MothimBug BiteBug Buzz43.4s1
19VenomothBug BiteBug Buzz47.2s1
20ParasectBug BiteX Scissor48.2s1
21HariyamaCounterDynamic Punch53.4s2
22RoseradePoison JabSludge Bomb48.0s1
23BeautiflyInfestationBug Buzz45.8s2
24BeedrillBug BiteX Scissor47.2s1
25MamoswinePowder SnowAvalanche48.4s3

Shiftry Movesets

Shiftry has access to the following moves:

  • Razor Leaf Grass (Quick)
  • Feint Attack Dark (Quick)
  • Hurricane Flying (Charge, 1-bar)
  • Foul Play Dark (Charge, 2-bar)
  • Leaf Blade Grass (Charge, 3-bar)

The hardest hitting move will be Hurricane, as it shreads the regular Bug types. Conversely, Leaf Blade, despite firing off often as a 3-bar and being a generally fantastic move, will be the least scary option as most counters heavily resist Grass.

Weather Chart

SunnyBoosts Fire type countersBoosts Shiftry’s Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade Grass
WindyBoosts Flying type countersBoosts Shiftry’s Hurricane Flying
Partly Cloudy
CloudyBoosts Fighting, Fairy, and [posion] type counters
SnowBoosts Ice type counters
RainyBoosts Bug type counters
FogAllows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost.Boosts Shiftry’s Feint Attack and Foul Play Dark

Additional Counters

If you are a new player or looking for a B-Team, you might still consider some of these very viable counters in your lineup:

  • Beedrill with Bug Bite or Infestation/X-Scissor
  • Charizard with Fire Spin/Blast Burn or Overheat
  • Rayquaza with Air Slash/Aerial Ace
  • Hariyama with Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Weavile with Ice Shard/Avalanche
  • Parasect with Bug Bite or Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
  • Toxicroak with Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Typhlosian with Ember/Blast Burn
  • Kricketune with Fury Cutter/X-Scissor (DELELEL WOOOOOP)

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