New Chrales Leak: Introducing… Dark Matter Ditto

It’s that time again trainers! Chrales, network traffic analyst and data miner extraordinaire, has once again dropped a bomb upon the Pokéverse. He has discovered a (new?) entry into the pokédex. Occupying #352 (which should be Kecleon) is a new… somewhat odd looking creature resembling the body of a ditto with a nut for a head and a small blob of dark matter for an eye.

Before we share the images, we just want to be super clear:

  • this doesn’t mean that this Pokemon is or will be soon available.
  • it’s not certain how this Pokemon will be released or when.

With that being said, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we! The following Pokemon model has been found in the network traffic:

Dark Matter Ditto?


Not sure what to make of it? Don’t worry you are not alone in that feeling.


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