Amstelveen and Stockholm Safari Zone tickets sold out in record time: less than a minute!

Safari Zone is proving to be a complete success for Niantic and the game with every successive event, in spite of the comments we usually encounter on Twitter and Facebook.

Just this morning, at 10:00, all of the tickets for Amstelveen Safari Zone have sold out in less than 30 seconds! A similar thing happened at the Mall of Scandinavia sale, where tickets became available at 11:01 and were sold out at 11:04! We’re talking about selling 4000 tickets in under 3 minutes for the Mall of Scandinavia.

Both sales were held for the Safari Zone events taking place on October 14th:

Thanks to the amazing GO Hub audience, we’ll have reports from at least one of these Safari Zone events. We’re not sure in what capacity and length the reports will be, but they should provide a solid overview for our overseas / distant readers.

You can read our previous Safari Zone reports here:

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