Pokemon GO Spawn points have changed again today

Several players have reported that their usual Hunting Grounds now spawn different Pokemon. Recently, we observed that Pokemon GO Nests have migrated, and it seems that Spawn Points changed last night.

BiggaThanLife, reddit user reported that his house is now a breeding ground for Dratinis, Ghastlys and Nidorinos, which is a nice upgrade from the regular Pidgey & Ratata duet. Multiple users in the comment section of the original post have also reported changes – some dramatic, some minor.

We’ve tried data mining the GAME_MASTER file, but it discovered nothing new as it hasn’t changed in a while. Our local resident area (Croatia) also spawns new species, but the change was observed just this morning.

We’ve enquired Facebook users from Melbourne, Australia and Houston, USA if they’ve observed the change also. Multiple users reported positive change, increase in rare spawns and changes during the night time.

Did your local spawn change also? Let us know in the comment section below.


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