These 10 Pokemon Will Receive an Evolution When Generation 2 Comes!

With the great hype of Pokemon GO, tons of players are becoming bored and want a bunch of new Pokemon to catch..

Well be excited when I tell you around 6 months to a year from now we should be seeing Generation 2 Pokemon and dozen or so Pokemon from the original 151 will be receiving another evolution when it’s released to the live game.

[10] Crobat

(Zubat’s final evolution)

[9] Politoad

(Poliwhirl’s alternate 3rd evolution)

[8] Steelix

(Onyx Evolution)

[7] Hitmontop

(Hitmontop is an alternate evolution for Tyrogue, which Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Hitmontop)

[6] Blissey

(Blissey is the final evolution for Chansey)

(Kingdra is the final stage evolution of the Horsea/Seadra evolution string)

(Alternate evolution for Eevee)

( Alternate Evolution for Eevee )

(Final Evolution for Scyther)

(Evolution for Porygon)

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