The Best Way To Spend Poke Coins!


Most trainers have these Poke Coins laying around, or are actually interested in buying Poke coins and just don’t know what to spend it on.

Today we got you covered as I’ll explain what exactly you should be buying with these Poke Coins to ensure you have a better experience, now when we go forward and look at each and every item available you’ll see that we’ve got choices for everything.

What you really want to buy will depend on on your goal, so i’ll list some goals below and explain what you should buy for them.

Leveling up to get better Pokemon

If your goal is to level up, then your best option would be spending half of your coins on Lucky eggs, as’well buying a few incubators to hatch eggs, and some Incense to go a’long with it to pass time by. Now the best way to use a Lucky egg would be to save all Pokemon you want to evolve, and evolve them all at the same time during the lucky egg. During this process you’ll want to be around an area with 2-3 Poke stops or more that are close by each other and are walkable, you’ll also want to save any egg hatches for the lucky eggs you use as you’ll be getting double XP. If you want to beat more gyms then this will be your best option.


Catching Pokemon

Now we all know, that Pokemon have gotten harder to catch as of recent. With this issue we need to assure our trainers that buying Incense and Lures are going to be your best option possible. Now I’ve tested Incense and Lures all together and found out that Lures are actually more effective for bringing Pokemon Nearby to the Poke Stop. So If you want to buy a bunch of Lures and capitalize with buying a bunch of Pokeballs then that will be your best option, however if you would like to combine the two for a different option I would recommend using your Incense in an area next to a Pokestop that’s close by to the type of Pokemon you want. Basically saying that rural areas will be worse for you if you’re out looking for Water-Type Pokemon.

Another option for catching Pokemon would be to buy a bunch of Incense, a bunch of Pokeballs and go into an area with no Pokemon sightings, no poke stops or gyms and just use the incense to bring randomly generated Pokemon to your area.


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