Pokemon Go: Second Gen Egg List



Recently a Redditor named Vivpix shared his idea of how second gen Pokemon should be hatched from eggs.

The List included 2-10km suggestions that actually seemed ethical, we’re surprised to see fan ideas for Generation 2 Pokemon come around so early considering the Pokemon GO Trading and Battling update hasn’t even been mentioned yet by game devs.

f Generation 2 is released before next year, i’m sure the egg lists will be similar to the one shown above. However we’ve not heard any news about Generation 2 other than Niantic CEO John Hanke promising growth of the game bringing every generation to Pokemon GO and adding more features to the live API.

What do you think about this egg list, does it seem reasonable to you? Be sure to let us know in the comment section and like our Pokemon GO fan page, you can contact me by finding my twitter name below for any questions!


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