Pokemon GO Spawn Rate

Pokemon Spawn Rate is one of the calculations that’s not known to anyone even after the decoding of the game as this is setup programmatically from the Niantic servers. The Spawn Rate in Pokemon GO is the reason why you see all those Rattattas, Pidgeys and Caterpies all the time instead of Pokemons like Dratini, Squirtle and other rare ones. 

We created this chart with data taken from Poke Radar’s prediction  algorithm dataset. All percentages are calculated on a rolling 1 week period across approximately 100 million historical data points for the highest degree of accuracy. All the credit goes to the awesome developers of Poke Radar who compiled this complete dataset. After some research, we can confirm that the dataset is highly accurate as claimed by the awesome guys at Poke Radar.

Spawn times are the same for all time zones and are expressed in local time. We are working on an illustration of best times to hunt, stay tuned for updates.

Pokemon GO Spawn Rate Chart


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