Shiny Pokemon To Be Added In Pokemon GO?

With the Second Generation of Pokemon being widely discussed among trainers as we’ve seen tons of people catch nearly all of the original Pokemon from the first generation, so this is no surprise.

However a bigger mention from shiny Pokemon is the famous Red Gyarados that appeared in the second generation video games and anime at the Lake of Rage, this also happened to be a big part of my personal crystal version,silver and gold experience.

If shiny Pokémon are added, Red Gyarados should show up as a rare start up screen. [credit] u/Doctor_Rainbow

— Pokémon GO News (@PokemonGoNews) August 11, 2016

Now if they do add Shiny Pokemon there is no current concept for how they will be involved in the game, as they should be among the rarest Pokemon. The Evolution’s would obviously evolve over such as Magikarp to Gyarados. It would be nice to catch a high level shiny Pokemon so we can still battle with it  ( Only cause I’m getting low CP eggs for some reason as of late ) However it would be cool if we could deliberately hatch shiny Pokemon instead of catching them though, I wouldn’t mind either idea just add the damn thing to the game. (LOL)

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