The Pokemon GO Trailer Shows Us Exactly How To Catch Mewtwo

This is how Mewtwo may be caught!

When it comes to Mewtwo and Pokémon GO, there are a lot of rumors floating around. Some are believable, like the one that said he’d show up when you catch all of the other 150 Pokemon, however most of them are unlikely and will never happen as Mewtwo was originally created to be a public event for Niantic as suggested in their Trailer.

Rumors aside, there is one source of information that pretty much tells us exactly how the our battle against Mewtwo will go down. It’s something that I’ll bet a lot of players saw and just didn’t think about while watching due to the excitement we all had.

In the trailer, we’re shown a bunch of concepts of Pokemon GO before they released it to us world wide, however the key ideal to watch in this video is the last minute or so as you see a woman is minding her own business in the city, when the word “raid” appears on a T.V. with a 10 second countdown. Once the timer reaches zero, Mewtwo appears, and all of the players in the area start to battle him. After being defeated, Mewtwo is caught.

Here’s the trailer:


Now this may be suggesting that Mewtwo will be a public event from Niantic, and how this may go down is probably going to be decided by the format of Trainer Battling they release. However this battle scenario goes down, this will transfer to the public events and we will most likely see Mewtwo be battled similar to a Gym’s style, such as 1 on 1 battling with your team vs Mewtwo. Which is also suggested in the video when you see the massive amount of times ” Mewtwo has been caught ” appears on the screen.

However in past generations we have seen 2 on 2 trainer battles so this may be a concept that is also implicated into the game. Should it be, is simply amazing.


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