How To Pick The Strongest Pokemon!

First off what is CP or IV? Well CP generally is short for Combat Power and IV is short for Individual Value, why are these Important? Well because they decide how strong your Pokemon are going to be.

How are IV’s important? Well each Pokemon get 3 base stats, Attack Defense and Stamina. Each Pokemon will start off with a 0-15 IV set. The best is 15/15/15, The worst is obviously 0/0/0, these IVs are permanent and also carry over to the final evolution.  However your IV’s are invisible and don’t you worry! The community at The Silph Road have put together a variety of IV calculators, which give you a percentage estimate for how good your Pokemon IVs are. The current recommendation is this IV calculating spreadsheet by user aggixx. The Silph Road has also now updated its ‘Research’ site with its own IV calculator, if you’re finding the spreadsheet a little awkward.

How are CP’s Important? Well CP generally decides what level your Pokemon is going to max out as, so if you’re a 612 CP Dragonite vs a 2103 Dragonite, guess who wins even if you have better moves. It is possible to defeat higher CP Pokemon with elemental advantage. Also you cannot level your CP if you do not train your character, you need to be a higher level to reach higher level CP just as the GBA game ( You needed to beat gyms in order to control a certain level of Pokemon )

Here’s a brief explanation of how IV’s are useful from urgametips

Here’s a 5 step guide to pick the best Pokemon

  1. Pick your Pokemon from our ranked list of the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go.
  2. Go and catch it! You can use a few Pokemon Trackers Like Poke Live to Find it, be sure you check the move set of your desired Pokemon before you decide you have it. Some Pokemon come with good moves and others with bad.
  3. Once you have your Pokemon of choice, you then need to figure out whether it’s any good. To do that, you’ll need to find its Level to do this all you need to do is visit this website by clicking here and search for your desired Pokemon
  4. A perfect 15/15/15 set of IVs will come out as 100% in the calculator I’ve provided above, so once you’ve found a Warturtle or whatever you want as’long as it can evolve and has good stats – or one that’s close enough to your calculation then it’s time to evolve it.
  5. After you evolve it, It’s time to spend star dust and candy to level it up to higher CP which usually ranges from 16-50 CP per level, In order to do this you need to go around searching for the Pokemon that evolves into your desired Pokemon and keep catching them in order to get a bunch of candy to Max out your Pokemons level.
  6. Your Pokemon cannot level without YOU, if you stop leveling the game will cap your Pokemon at a certain CP level til you start climbing those levels again!

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