Fans Make Pokemon Uranium Game With New Nuclear Pokemon

fter years in development, the creative development team behind the fan-made creation Pokemon Uranium officially release the game to expectant fans for free.

Fan projects based off of existing games often don’t make it to the finish line, but that isn’t the case with Pokemon Uranium. After nine years in development, the team of fans behind the title has finally released it to the internet for free.

Pokemon Uranium is officially available for PC gamers now, and the developers have stated that a Mac version is coming soon. The game highly resembles the Nintendo DS releases of the Pokemon series, giving gamers an option of three trainers to play as and the ability to take part in double battles. While the game features some classic monsters like Gyarados and Primeape, it also features 150 new Pokemon that the developers have created on their own. Among these is a new Nuclear type, from which the game draws its title.

It seems that the developers aren’t done with the game yet, referring to this release as version 1.0, but that doesn’t mean it’s an incomplete Pokemon game. The developers have incorporated all the things that make up classic Pokemon games, like eight individual Pokemon Gyms to battle through and their version of the Elite Four – the Tandor Regional Championship.

While Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have turned a blind eye to the project for all these years, there is always the risk that group behind it could be sued or forced to shut down the project now that the finished game is available. Although the game is free, that may not be enough to stop the original Pokemon developer and publisher. Nintendo recently forced the fan-made Metroid 2 remake project to be taken down, and chances are The Pokemon Company is more protective than ever of its creation with the recent success of Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Uranium shows some serious creativity and dedication to complete and release an entire game after all of these years. Considering that the vast majority of fan projects collapse due to a lack of time, skill, or team members, these Pokemon fans definitely deserve a round of applause for completing their project. One can hope that the game isn’t viewed as a threat by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company and remains available for gamers to download. It should pose as a fun distraction to keep Pokemon players busy until the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon later this year, but it seems unlikely to take away any sales from an official Pokemon game.

Pokemon Uranium Version 1.0 is now available for PC, with a Mac version releasing later.


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