Top 10 craziest and best Pokemon Go stories so far


The Pokemon Go has just been launched in few countries but it already created enough craze worth sharing. Below are the top crazy and best things happened because of Pokemon Go game so far.

Top 10 Crazy Pokemon Go things and stories

Squirtle appears and Pokemon Go players go mad

What happens when one of the most popular Pokemon appears? Just a mob of players in a park running and hitting each other after Squirtle appeared in a park.

Stampede in Central Park, NY when a rare Vaporeon appeared

This event is crazier than the first with the mass running on Central Park and causing traffic and stampede among them. The rare Pokemon, Vaporeon, showed up and it’s only a matter of time before it disappears again.

Police fired up Pokemon theme song

It’s not only the kids that know what’s Pokemon is. Even the San Diego cops know how to troll the players of Pokemon Go in a street by playing a Pokemon theme song.

Battle gyms in the ocean

Two people just risked their lives kayaking to a battle gym located off the coast of an ocean in New Zealand. Now it would take another kayak for other players in order to capture this gym.

Pokemon GO kayak New Zealand Gym OCean

NSFW Pokemon Go porn snaps collection on Reddit

You know that a game has gone too far when people start sharing screenshots of nude people or some privy parts on the background. A porn collection on Reddit has been created just for NSFW (Not Safe For Work) version of the game. Crazy, right?

Girl blames Pokemon Go after hitting by a car

I really don’t know what to say after this girl hit by a car while playing Pokemon Go and blamed the game itself. Just always stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

Men fall off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go

Another bizarre way to get killed is playing Pokemon Go and falling off a cliff. Lucky for these two men they are now in recovery after separately falling a cliff while hunting Pokemon.

Robbers lure victims thru Pokemon Go

Four victims fell into a trap after robbers lured them using the Pokemon Go game. Police, however, caught the suspects and charged them with robbery and a felony. Remember to stay away from sketchy places when playing the game in the middle of the night.

Players found dead body

Just in the span of two weeks, two similar incidents occurred where a player finding a dead bodywhile hunting some Pokemon. These are really creepy and shocking aside from the stupid things people have done since the launch of the game.

Pikachu appeared on a grave of a Pikachu fan

This is both sad and really surprising when a boy visits his brother’s grave and found Pikachu on it. The boy’s brother is a fan of Pokemon and Pikachu.

The Pokemon Go is about to be released in the other regions including Asia and people have already created enough craze of the game. What’s more if this becomes official in Japan, the Philippines, and China? Well, all we have to do right now is wait for the game to arrive here.


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