Pokemon Go Philippines Memes and Puns

Pokemon Go Pinoy Memes everywhere.

Every trending game is showing up in the internet there will be a memes about it to show up for sure.

While Pinoys are waiting for the game to be available in their Country. Some Facebook users created puns about the game. Some created memes, others were puns. And guess what, with the creativity of Pinoys they can even make hugot lines with the help of Poke monsters. Here are the few.

Pokemon Go Pinoy Memes

As all we know, the Pokemon named Pichu was involved with the memes. Pichu rhymes with the chicken part which is called “Pitso” or chicken breast. Funny right?


And also, with pinoy slangs; KSP which means “Kulang sa Pansin”. Espeon in the image background. That’s the result of Niantic’s strategy not to release the game in the Philippines. Filipinos making other way to ease the waiting time.

Pokemon Go Pinoy Memes

Weezing in the background image for the meme.

Pokemon Go Pinoy Meme

Meme for Butterfree.


Khaleesi for the win!

Fake websites offering free Pokemon coin

You might encounter fake sites that has intriguing captions like “Free Pokemon Go coins” or “Login to your account to get your Pokemon Go coins”. To tell you the truth, it’s a fake website, and a phishing site. I know that you are already aware of phishing sites that hacks gaming accounts. Please avoid those kind of pages that is requested for you to type in your gmail account or apple i.d. to generate a code for the free items for your Pokemon Go account.  And by the way, if you really love your Pokemon Go account, please don’t participate to any 3rd party programs to bypass the game settings. Playing fair is enough. Even Fake GPS is not allowed by Niantic, so if you already heard about these kind of tricks please refrain from using it.


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