How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found in Pokemon Go


cara memperbaiki error gps not found pokemon go

Troubleshooting 1

Manual turn on your GPS

1. Look for your google maps

GPS Signal Not Found

2. Turn on on your GPS manually.

GPS Signal Not Found



3. If you did not set it up,  access the user agreement.

GPS Signal Not Found


4. Turn on your GPS,  and let google maps run on background.

GPS Signal Not Found


5. Map will show up and tap the circle or GPS icon to detect your location

GPS Signal Not Found


6. Let your GPS run in background then reopen Pokemon Go.


Troubleshooting 2

Developer options

1. Locate your phone’s settings icon and then Tap it.



2. Scroll down and look for developer options, then tap it.

Pokemon Go Signal Not Found


3. Look for Allow Mock location then tap it. Make sure you have not check the box for the mock location

GPS Signal Not Found


4. You need to make sure that the location toggle is in on position


5. Look for GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks. It is also known/ called as High accuracy

6. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned on while playing the game even you have a
data connection. The game, which is Pokemon Go needs both Local Wi-Fi (Assisted GPS and your
mobile data.

Having trouble and getting GPS is not found?

You could be in a remote area with a weak signal. Based on our test. We went to an
urban area, in a small community to be exact. We have several GPS signal not
found message popped up on our phone. You could try going into a city and you will
not receive the GPS signal not found message on Pokemon Go. This is a true scenario on what happened on our test. We went to a City with a 4G connection and we didn’t receive any GPS signal not found message on Pokemon Go. This game is a battery drainer so expect a heavy battery usage issue, it uses GPS location, data connection and Wi-Fi at the same time.

For those who have troubleshooting steps that worked you can comment it down

Note: If you cannot find any pokestops or gym in your area, try going to cities or specifically to churches, landmarks. And also you cannot enter a Pokegym if you are not Level 5.




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