Pokemon GO PokeStop drop rates

Thanks to the effort of the research community at /r/theSilphRoad we now finally have a initial table of PokeStop drop rates and potential drops. Last updated on 04.08.2016.

Do note that this data is not conclusive for levels higher than 24. Check our Item Rewards Per Level chart also.

PokeStop drop rates

ItemTotal dropsImplied Probability
Poké Ball39656.3%
Great Ball8512.1%
Ultra Ball273.8%
Super Potion253.6%
Hyper Potion91.3%
Razz Berry517.2%


Note: Eggs are not going to be considered toward this analysis because it seems they do not count toward the normal item drop number. The minimum number of items a PokeStop can drop is 3 and we never found an egg as third item, but only as fourth or more.


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